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Welcome to the home of Fanciful Stories, a non-entity being used to
spread my stories wherever the internet might lead them. I imagine that I donít know you and you donít know me, so you must have typed something in and been curious about this site. Maybe you even wanted something to read! Well, you are in luck. Currently I have three stories up for your enjoyment. Please feel free to help yourself, but donít steal, thatís not nice. P.S. due to the circumstances of this siteís creation all content is currently G-rated. If you want something grisly, try somewhere else.

Mrs. Onion
A story of a girl and her evil fourth grade teacher.
Just Words
Earth in the Sky
Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems off? Sandy is having one of those.
Seasonal Space
A non-fiction piece which explores how I experience the seasons.