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Current and upcoming characters.

Fancy the goat
This is the site mascot. At school right now, there are goats. Yes even now. This is their counterpart, Fancy. He likes to eat. Eat what? Anyhting, everything, does it fit in his mouth? He'll try it at least once.
She is a stuffed animal and always does what she wants. She is an id character and likes to eat. By "id character" I mean she follows her impulses, even when they are not entirely appropriate. She is loyal and friendly and loves to play.
A mysterious man from Sandy's past. He helped her find her cat once upon a time. They were dating once and if he hadn't been swept off to a parallel world, maybe they would have gotten married.
Sandy She wants to help others the way Charlie does and steals the red umbrella as a symbol for her desire to do good. She had amnesia, but she's mostly over it. She wants Charlie to remember what he's forgotten on his own and isn't worried about it. Deep down she knows he'll come around.
Curiosity Trouble Woodwind
She goes by Rio and she wants a cat. But she can't have one because everyone thinks she'll kill it, which is preposterous. Rio is a young witch whose powers often cause chaos with electricity.
She could use some luck. She's a binary shapeshifter who switches between being a crow and a human. If I told you more it would give away too much.(I expect her story to end up book length and published but might write some short pieces featuring her.)
Doesn't take no for an answer. She wishes the bus would go faster and doesn't know what she wants to so when she grows up, not that it matters now...